My first steps! (1-2 years old)

We want to bite the world, explore, and feel! Not long ago we got up on our feet. Our eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and feet are eager for adventure… It seems like it was yesterday that you arrived home for the first time with your baby in your arms all wrapped up in blankets. Now they have grown and are ready for a new stage; a new learning experience begins. It’s time to go out of the house; allowing them begin their school life without you being the center of their universe, letting other people help them discover the world as they take their first steps… You might be wondering if they would be safe, if they would eat, if their diaper would get changed as many times as needed, if the caretakers would help them calm down when they cry… or if they would be happy meeting other kids. Don’t worry, this is a shared learning process and at Crayola y Lapiz we are experts at being part of this process; proof of this will be the smile on your child’s face when they see their teacher in the morning. Trust us. You will know you made the right choice with us.