I have a whole new world to explore, I can read now! (5-6 years old)

Mom, look at the dance I learned today! Do you want me to teach you a riddle? Let’s play puppets! How did the baby get to mommy’s tummy?

Children at this age have a vibrant energy. They keep investigating and learning as they play, and they live in between reality and fantasy. Every day they learn new words and need for their effort to be noticed. At Crayola y Lapiz we have the perfect environment to channel all that energy and stimulate their creativity, eagerness to learn, and self-confidence. It is an important season, soon they’ll go off to a big school and we are sure that having been through our school will implant in their hearts the joy of learning and the most solid foundations for the rest of their lives. You will probably have a tear rolling down our cheek when your little one graduates, but it will be one of joy because of his first great accomplishment. A new life will come and that day you’ll know that having brought him to Crayola y Lapiz was what of the best decisions you’ve made. He will be very well prepared for his new school and we will smile with the satisfaction of fulfilling our duty.

Thank you for trusting Crayola y Lapiz.