I can hold a pencil now! (3-4 years old)

What is the underwater world like in the ocean and in the rivers? Children at this stage are little investigators and we here to guide their findings.

Has your child fallen in love with a story and asks you to tell it over and over again? Does she have an inexhaustible source of energy and want to be the “captain of the ship” at home? In this stage, academic formation acquires larger dimensions since they are now able to learn many more concepts. However, it is still important to anchor it in their little brains how to take care of themselves, get along with others, control their own emotions, and what to do with their time… At Crayola y Lapiz we are experts at making use of all that energy, and even though they might come home with paint all the way up to their ears, you will smile and have the assurance that their day has been full of enlightening and fun experiences.