I can write my first words! (4-5 years old)

Can you make a phone call to the moon? Can I go all the way up there? How many craters does it have? Are there volcanos?

Every day you’ll be more and more surprised about the things you discover through your child’s questions… their curiosity becomes part of your daily mission. You are surprised at the projects they bring home every day and you want them to take in as much knowledge as they can. At Crayola y Lapiz we share your commitment; our academic and artistic plans will satisfy their curious spirits, and we do so in English as well, because we know how important it is for you to prepare your child for the future in the best way possible. We know you are our greatest ally for replicating at home what your child learns here, most likely during this season you will also end up dancing and singing in English nonstop. At Crayola y Lapiz we are a united family who likes to learn while having fun.