Father finger, father finger, where are you? Here I am. Here I am. How do you do?

Imagine your son humming over and over again many songs in English with an excellent pronunciation and with only 4 years! You will want to learn those songs as well to sing them with him or her at home. That is one of the realities in Crayola y Lapiz, because English is part of their daily natural environment: Here they dance, sing, paint and play in English and you can be the accomplice of that learning! And the best thing about bilingualism is that it not only serves to communicate in the future with many more people around the world, but it stimulates the ability to think more flexibly.

Educate bilingual children is educate children with flexible thinking

We know that you are worried about preparing your child to develop in a globalized world, and that you know that the best age to learn is early childhood, so we have a team of specialized professionals to share and stimulate enthusiasm for learning a Second Language. Here the children graduate with sufficient bases to enter a bilingual school.

Visit us to tell you more details. Your child can be part of our bilingual kinder garden. What are you waiting for?! Contact us!