Let’s enjoy music!

Have you noticed your children’s curiosity? They learn every day. Try to go a day without learning yourself. It’s impossible, every day you discover something new without even setting your mind to it. Imagine what your child can learn through music. Children are rhythmic beings by nature, they are explorers and curious beings. From Walkers all the way to Transition, children have classes at the MUSIC ROOM, a space that is especially adapted for our little ones to start training their musical ear. Children’s learning and their language abilities as adults depend on what they hear.

At the Music Room we work on: sensitization, hearing, rhythm, and accompanying, but most importantly, we enjoy music. Come see our preschool and enjoy these chords with us!


Thinking and expressing yourself with every part of your body!

Babies and children are born artists. They are in that magical first phase of exploration of their environment. Even before speaking they begin pointing out their body parts and trying to communicate with you through movement. At Crayola y Lapiz we teach them to communicate through dance.

Choreography and dancing helps children between 0 and 6 years of age with their rhythm, strengthening their back muscles, balance, and creative movement, all while lightening their mood.

At our Dance Room children learn:

  • Expression.
  • Rhythm.
  • Movement.
  • Colombian folklore.
  • Ballet.
  • Choreography.
  • Here your children come to have fun; they are the ones who decide the music they like and though a game led by the teacher, they begin developing in sensitization. At Crayola and Lapiz

    We desire that, more than discovering a talent, they will discover the world. We work playfully with educational ends. Don’t leave without exploring our Preschool. Schedule your appointment today so that we can tell you more about our academic plan.


    A thousand ways to tell a story!

    Is your child shy, secure, extroverted, funny, outgoing? We can assure you that through their drawings you will learn more about how they see the world. In their early childhood, the artistic learning process happens through sensation, plasticity, and most importantly, though freedom of expression. At our preschool there is an inspiring space full of color where your children can paint and create their ideas. Additionally, we have a paint mural, which an academic complement area.

    At Crayola y Lapiz, art is tied to learning. Come paint with us and discover the creativity of your children. Contact us!

    Specialized Areas

    Magic corners!

    At Crayola y Lapiz we have a wonderful playful educational complement, which allows us to enrich learning with playing experiences and stimulate the children’s sensory, communicative, and corporal expression abilities. We call these spaces magic corners.

    Paint Mural:

    Your children can come paint with their hands and feet as often as they like. This activity teaches them teamwork, color differentiation, and healthy fun.

    Dough Room:

    Flour, play-dough, clay, and everything the hands of a child can manipulate to create forms, explore sensations, learn, and share.

    Literature and Tales Room:

    Imagination is welcome in this room, a comfortable place full of tales where we can read, create, and transform stories and learn to socialize and solve daily problems.

    Costume Corner:

    Children love dressing up, role-playing, creating, participating, and playing. Here they learn tolerance and respect.

    Puppet Corner:

    Here we work the imaginative and motor areas since children learn to handle puppets to represent their own plays. They create stories and reinforce important values with each presentation.

    Mirror Room:

    Mirrors reflect the corporal expressions produced as a result of our emotions, sensations, and feelings, allowing us to strengthen our self-esteem and self-awareness.

    Children go out of their classroom to enjoy these activities that strengthen their learning. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us!