Welcome to Crayola y Lapiz! We know you want to find the ideal preschool for your child. We are creative, innovative, bilingual leaders and most importantly, we are committed to creative learning. We are glad you’re here and want you to feel a part of this community and smile every time you think of us. To us, you are more than a parent who is looking for a preschool for their child, you are the responsible guide of their education and are looking for a second home for them.

Have you made a pro and con list of preschools? Do you make several visits every week and have become a detective exploring every option? We understand you!

We know you want to make the best choice. You’re looking for a balance between distance, teaching methods, facilities, services, costs, and references. Up until now, you probably didn’t know just how hard finding a preschool is; visiting and listening to educational plans that you don’t completely understand. You’re hoping to choose the right place to watch your child learn and be happy; that is why you’re here. Crayola y Lapiz helps you in your child’s education because it is a preschool that values learning though playing. We have innovative strategies we call “Magic Days” through which we teach by playing and exploring… You will see with your own eyes how we apply learning through living.

There are several factors that are a priority for you when it comes to picking a preschool: the calendar, facilities, extracurricular activities, transportation, the principles taught, and languages. The more you read about the topic the more you worry about the education and development of your children. We are also concerned for children their early childhood development. That is why we want you to hear your questions. Come visit us! We will tell you about our bilingual education, you will feel the creative and joyful atmosphere of our preschool, you will see how we use art in all its forms as an ally for teaching though playing, and most importantly, you just might make your decision! Bring your child! We want you to imagine his or her happiness in every corner of Crayola y Lapiz. We are eager to answer every question; come meet us so we can show you why we’re the best.

Live with us “The joy of learning.”