Teacher Profile: A teacher at Crayola y Lapiz Preschool is an integral, balanced, rational, and fair person, who acknowledges the physical and personal changes that boys and girls undergo, and fosters human values by exemplifying them before students providing them love, understanding, and respect in every guidance they need. Teachers have a vocation for service and are aware of the importance of their labor in the formation process of children. They are competent in scientific, social, and cultural areas in order to guide children towards a successful future. They are behavior models capable of educating children though their attitudes and instilling virtues and values in each of them. Our teachers are also flexible to change and able to embrace whatever innovation society requires in favor of a better quality education and institution; they are guides for children in practicing democracy by making them a part of decision making and by valuing and respecting their point of view. Finally, they fulfill their duties responsibly and effectively in order to achieve the institutional objectives.