Ever since you began nursing your children, you’ve always thought about giving them the best. Now they no longer depend on mom for nourishment and can walk around without you carrying them in your arms. So you continue to hope that your choices are the right ones so that they never lack anything, stay strong, healthy, well fed, and safe until they come back from their preschool in the afternoon and are back in your arms and in the safety of your home.

Don’t worry, you can trust us. We are committed to excellence and you’ll be able to see it every day. At Crayola y Lapiz we provide a great variety of services which include feeding, first aid, transportation, and extended school days. All this exists to take better care of you and your child. Come meet us and discover all that we have to offer you.

Feeding and Nutrition

If your tummy is full, your heart is happy!

At Crayola y Lapiz we also make their tummies happy.

  • At our kitchen we prepare healthy, balanced, delicious meals overseen by a nutritionist.
  • We use completely natural ingredients.
  • We provide an extra snack if you choose the extended school day.
  • Every month you can see the menu we’ll be offering on the Cyber-School platform.
  • If your child has a medical prescription, we follow it.
  • We have children’s dining rooms for your smallest children (1-year-olds).
  • Our aids teach your children to eat if they are only beginning to learn.
  • Our cafeteria has special tables and chairs made for the children’s height.
  • We are very well staffed.
  • Transportation

    To and from home we look after the wellbeing of your little ones

  • Out vans meet all the legal safety requirements.
  • We give you the option of only taking one route (morning or afternoon).
  • We offer door to door service.
  • There are monitors in each van with the adequate communication devices to help you feel safe.
  • We cover the areas of Chia, Cota, and Cajica.
  • We deliver your child to an adult in charge of receiving them at home.
  • We are always welcome to suggestions.
  • The maximum capacity of each van is 18 kids in order to have short rides.
  • Health and Wellbeing

    We care for your child as much as you do.

  • Our first aid area includes a nurse who is always ready to address any mishaps.
  • If necessary, we have an insurance that sends an ambulance with a pediatrician on board as soon as possible.
  • In case of an accident, the doctor gets in touch with you and gives you instructions regarding the procedures to follow.
  • Don’t worry, if necessary we will provide transportation to a medical facility.
  • Extended School Days

    The Crayola y Lapiz family is ready to support your family.

  • There is an option of taking extended school days from Monday to Friday.
  • Your children will receive an extra snack on extended school days.
  • We organize complementary arts and crafts activities in order to have fun.
  • During these extended days we also have an infirmary assistant to address any mishaps.
  • The Crayola y Lapiz family is ready to support your family.